Spiritual By Nature

I became a Spiritual person in high school and when I became aware of the ecological damage we as modern humans have been causing to the environment. I walk the walk not just talk the talk. I always recycle at home and at my office and try to leave as little a foot print as possible. I designed and built my house in a secondary hardwood/pine climax forest clearing the lot myself with a chain saw, pick, shovel and ax so as not to damage the trees. It took 2 years. The house is an active/passive solar house. I landscaped the yard as an informal Japanese garden. My yard has been featured several times in “The Beacon.” The Virginia Beach newspaper.

I write prose and short stories about Native Americans and the environment. I am drawn to aboriginal cultures and was adopted by the Kiowa while I was at Fort Sill, OK during my Army service 72-74. This occurred after a very spiritual vision quest in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton.

In 1993 I wrote and produced a CD - Earth Mother/Sky Father - music by Douglas Spotted Eagle as well as Earth Mother “T” shirts with various ecological sayings: “Walk With Me in Harmony and Balance,” “If You Take Care of Me I’ll Take Care of You,” “You Are Killing Me,” “Here My Cries,” and “If You Do Not Change Your Ways the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth” - featuring a rat and roach. This CD was performed in two different years at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach on April 23 (the date of the first landing of the Jamestown settlers) in the mid 90’s on the sand spoils site at 64th Street overlooking Broad Bay at sunset with a huge bonfire.

I have taken several wilderness survival courses which included Native American philosophy.

I have been practicing psychiatry in Hampton Roads since 1977 as a solo practitioner currently located at Hilltop. My office reflects my spiritual nature with paintings, sculpture and artifacts.

I have been doing bonsai for the last 35 years and won the “People’s Choice Award” in 2012 and “Deciduous Excellence” in 2013 for my trees at the Virginia Bonsai Society’s yearly show at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

I have been collecting Scholar Rocks - Suisecki Stones for the past 25 years during my extensive travels with forays into the woods. I am currently making stands for them.

I started taking pictures of “Spirits of the Earth” in 2010 knowing they were there all the time. I wanted to share this experience with others hoping they would become more aware of the Cathedrals of Nature and treat our environment more respectfully. I displayed some of these at the 2014 American Psychiatric Society’s annual meeting in New York and at the Virginia Flower and Garden Expo in January 2016.

Abbot Granoff, MD